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Post by Greystar on Wed Aug 13, 2008 10:18 am

I have quite a bit.... so I'll only post my new ones here.


Why do we wish in past tense?
Forever lost, in a different sense
We get back up on the horse
Only to be knocked down again

Wither and sway, away, away
Some other Hallelujah, never to stay

Why do we do things we shouldn't do?
And then to find other people do too
We stay down off the horse
Only to be thrust back on again

Wonder on yonder, forever, forever
O'er another's grave, never, never

Why do we harm ourselves in ways untrue?
We do them when we don't want to
We float between horse and ground
Only to be conquered by gravity, again and again

Tomorrow's yesterday is hardly today
O'er another's grave, away, away

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