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It Ends In A Moment Empty It Ends In A Moment

Post by Rambo2028 on Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:09 pm

just reposting so i dont lose it...comment if you want

It was that one second of that one minute that they together vowed it was forever. Through the years they had they're ups and downs but really that's what kept both of them holding on and gripping to it so tight as if to never let go. They knew each other more deeply then they really knew themselves and no one could ever do the same, no matter what. From their first acknowledgement it was there; unnoticeable, but never forgotten. She only flirted and knew his thoughts exactly; though at first didn't think them true. After the first few months of flirtation and wonderment, he told her. She was always curious but didn't lead on. He owed her something, some truth, so he shortly spilled everything. They wanted each other...needed each other. But of course, life is cruel and tried to keep them away; separated until the day he was no longer bound by strict ties restricting him from her. Over a year she sat waiting for that day to come where he could tell everyone that he was in love with her, the day he was old enough to let it out. So she waited and every month she mentally marked off another moment until they both were free. Free to love unconditionally,, and together they were an impenetrable force. If beckoned with they would only stand stronger and fight harder. Too long they concealed themselves from others and on that day, in that one second everything changed.

That second they were free; he could finally truly deeply have her and she could relax and no longer worry for his sake of being caught. The leash he bared shattered between their force of attraction that was magnified to shake the earth and miles beyond. Their connection so strong nothing stood a chance yet to them everything just felt like it fell into place, continuing on for years to come because all in that one day he became free from everything, and the their world changed together and it remained.

Recklessly the two lovers, bound together stronger than fate itself, drove away. To where they had no idea, months upon years of dreaming about this moment couldn't have even helped. For they were on a road and the devil himself couldn't have stopped them now or anytime. Their love shared only made the moment stronger on impact and soon uncontrollable. He pulled over, not a care in the world, his head beyond the clouds. The truck silently came to a gentle half and he simply gazed at her. Her hand in his, just sharing each other; no interferences. He softly grazed her cheek as she acknowledged breathing softly with closed eyes. She stopped his hand with a gentle touch slowly opening her eyes, filled with wonder and all the love ever created. They sat as their eyes just clicked together. He softly turned her head towards himself leaning in yet eyes remained locked intently on hers. He stopped mid-way and she did the rest. She met her lips with his as he eased into the most passionate kiss they had shared. After a few seconds he eased away and made contact again. She looked into his eyes and gave him the go. Again he went in, easing in but slowly becoming more passionate as their kiss remained. He gently lifted her closer to himself as they flowed deeper then the ocean itself. Time went by and by, neither knew how long it had been and they didn't care. Too caught up in each others loving embrace for it even to matter. Sweet moments passed and she eased out.

"I love you." she spoke.

He opened the door and playfully threw her up catching her in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek slightly.

"Where are we going?" she asked when he shut the door and began walking with her. He just smiled and continued straight into the dense forest. She held him closer as the darkness turned deeper. He continued for awhile, she remained in his arms closer than before. Soon they reached an opening and he set her down covering her eyes with his hand. He led her out a ways and removed his hand. She amazed, starred out onto the vast land before her.

"It's beautiful!" was all she could manage as she stood on the edge of the cliff amazed by the vibrant lights she witnessed dancing in the sky above. His arms wrapped tightly around her, "I love you more than all the stars you will ever see among those lights, I love you more than anything, more than I am even capable of showing you." A silent tear rolled down her cheek, he turned her around and wiped it away. She smiled and held him close, his face caressed upon her hair that relaxed upon her shoulders. "I promise, every year on our anniversary, I'll bring you back here...for always and forever, I promise." he gently whispered in her ear.

"I love you." she spoke again remaining wrapped up in him, "I never want to leave you."

He stroked her hair all the way down her back, "Don't worry, because I'll never leave you, no matter what." he assured while adjusting himself onto the cold ground under the stars. She followed resting her head upon his chest while folded up in his arms.

Together they remained in that single spot, eventually she drifted to sleep as she lay in his trusting arms while he gazed upon her in amazement of everything they've gotten through together. He kissed her on the forehead and laid back looking up at the sky, they laid there for hours on end. Together they were one forever and always just as he had promised. And to this day she remembers every little detail about that night. The last night they spent as one, closer than ever.

Now today she stands before hundreds of family and friends; dressed in black, tears streaming down her face. She tells everyone this story about how he lived his life, his dreams and goals, and better yet how he loved.

Not one dry eye was present that day in the church as she spoke as he was lowered into the ground, not one single eye. Though in reality every single teardrop that was issued from those eyes could have been spared. Yet because of one suicidal driver, that perfect night between two lovers was ruined. Because of that one driver he lost his life while saving her from a deathly hit that would have occurred due to that drivers careless thoughts. Because of that driver he lost his life to save his high school sweetheart, his one love; yet today that driver sits at home as happy as can be, he has a wife and three kids. And all on that one perfect night two completely different worlds changed...

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