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Wip? Empty Wip?

Post by ThisIsMe Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:52 am

Written for a guy that I'm completely in love with, even though I shouldn't be.
For once, it's not on dA yet. Anywho. It's not my best, but my friend liked it and I'm thinking about showing it to him. I dunno tho.

What is thisÖthing?
A fling?
The real thing?
A fake?
A mistake?
I canít tell with you.

One day-
The next,
Completely sappy
And the third?
Absolutely crappy.

I donít know what to say,
You mean the world to me,
But I donít know if I can keep up.

Youíre perfectly amazing
Ten times what I could ever be,
So why choose me?
Iíll drag you around,
Through dust,
Friendship sludge,
Emotional grudge,
Stupid issues you really wonít care aboutÖ

So why wait it out?
Iím so insecure,
That I had to write it out.
How stupid is that?
Proof that you are more than I could ever be.

I sure do love you baby
Disgustingly sentimental and
Sloppily sappy,
But what can I say,
Iím full of crazy disarray.

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